Optiplex PCs


With the numerous variations of form factors from Ultra to Mid Tower as well as the multitude of configuration options, the Dell OptiPlex series covers any requirement for a suitable and powerful system. Thanks to over 25 years of experience and continuous adaptation and further development, the systems are among the most reliable and highest quality on the market.

Equipped with the latest generation Intel processors, AI-driven optimization software and VR support, the devices are ideally suited for business use. In addition, the systems can be perfectly adapted to your environment thanks to various accessories.

Latitude 7400


The Dell Latitude series is the standard in the business notebook segment. Divided into the different device variants, every need is covered, no matter if it is a simple notebook for EDP work or a high-performance workstation. 2-in-1 models as well as matching pens and adapters round off the portfolio.

With brand-leading features like the SafeShutter* or the AI-based Dell Optimizer 2.0, the laptops always have their finger on the pulse, and thanks to recycled materials like recycled carbon fiber or bioplastic from trees and up to 100% recycled materials for the packaging shells, they are additionally very environmentally friendly.


Dell's Precision line of workstations can handle even the most demanding workloads, despite their sometimes very compact design. Thanks to fast RAM, the latest professional graphics solutions and outstanding performance, you can be creative without restrictions.

Depending on the device, ECC-checked RAM, Intel Xeon processors of the latest generation as well as external graphics units from NVIDIA and AMD can be configured. In addition, all systems offer high scalability in the storage area with up to nine expandable hard disks.


As the world's leading display manufacturer, Dell offers an unparalleled selection of different monitors in their range. From classic entry-level displays to UltraWide, Curved and conference monitors with built-in webcam, speakers and microphone to large format collaboration monitors, all areas are covered.

While USB-C is increasingly used, Dell goes one step further and already offers the first monitors with an integrated Ethernet port. These can replace conventional docking stations for home office constellations, for example, and ensure a comfortable and efficient workplace.