Performant, Functional, Sustainable

Product selection

Here we provide a selection of infrastructure components that we can procure for you at the best conditions in order to operate your infrastructure for a long time and secure it with the required availability.
The manufacturers we have selected offer not only the highest technical product maturity, but also the best performance in terms of service and support.


Do you like to struggle with delivery times and suppliers? Would you rather have a contact person who takes care of IT procurements and proactively reports to you and identifies alternative products and freight routes? ...and still be able to rely on fair pricing. Optimal Procurement from your personal partner Goserver GmbH


Huge selection from the latest client technology

DELL Innovation.
The major technological advances in client systems are driven by the user at the manufacturer DELL/EMC. Without exceptions, the manufacturer's modern systems promise practical innovations with maximum reliability. In connection with the DELL/EMC ProSupport nothing stands in the way of the optimal productivity of your employees.

DELL Technologies Endpoint security certified 2022
DELL Technologies Core Client certified 2022
DELL Technologies Clients for VDI certified 2022

Server and HCI

Simplified and hyperconverged systems for modern workloads

Benefit from Dell/EMC Technologies' HCI portfolio that enables selection based on current infrastructure, operating models and desired IT outcomes.

Broad server portfolio

Draw from one of the broadest portfolios of servers for your appropriate use cases. The flexibility of use of PowerEdge servers revolutionizes the way you can do things.

DELL Technologies CI/HCI certified 2022
DELL Technologies Server certified 2022

DELL Storage Systems

Storage from the world's largest storage manufacturer

After the merger with EMC, DELL has consistently developed the most innovative products and focused the portfolio on the strongest concepts. portfolio focused on the strongest concepts. Learn the reasons why Dell is so successful in storage. Find the system that best fits your needs. For optimal performance, function, and business transition.

DELL Technologies Storage certified 2022
DELL Technologies CI/HCI certified 2022


Barracuda Networking

Networking - the basis for your IT infrastructure

Powerful products with innovative management - software meets networking. We deliver networking products with optional full service to increase the efficiency of your users and to ensure the operational reliability of your infrastructure. For this we have two of the strongest partners for you in our solution portfolio. Extreme Networks and Dell Technologies.

DELL Technologies Networking certified 2022

Gateways and Firewalls

Cloud and site perimeter protection

The challenges for modern firewall systems today are not just about blocking and allowing connection requests. Modern systems adapt to your requirements in the cloud or at the site with a wide range of functions. In addition to classic perimeter security, the topic of cloud security and connectivity has moved significantly into the focus of requirements.

We simplify your procurement

With our technical expertise and customer-friendly service, we have been relieving our customers of the burden of procuring hardware, software or complete solutions for many years. So that you can fully concentrate on your core business, we confidently take over this special part on your behalf.