Operational Support

Personnel bottlenecks, specialist topics, outsourcing

With our broadly based technology team, we are the helping hand you are looking for on all practical issues relating to your IT infrastructure. We provide expert assistance and support your team wherever you need it. For many years, we have been taking over easily delimitable specialist areas on our own initiative, if desired, to relieve our customers. In doing so, we are active far beyond the borders of Bavaria and, in addition to pure support, we also deliver innovation and rationalization to the affected areas.

You have more tasks than employees to handle them? Do you have specialized topics that you can only superficially take care of in-house or do you just want "everything to run smoothly"?

Your benefits at a glance

Cost security thanks to hourly account

Other providers charge their customers an expensive maintenance fee - even if hardly any maintenance work is carried out or only simple, automatic checks are used. Not so with Goserver. We combine our high degree of automation with clear checklists where pure automatisms fail. For cost control, we use an hourly account for you with monthly transfers of plus and minus hours.

Maximum transparency

Goserver employees record activities performed for you in detailed records. In controlling, these records are checked in random samples using the dual control principle. In the customer information system (AMS), you then have all work logs, tasks, project overviews, reports and invoice overviews at your fingertips in a central location.

Thanks to ongoing conceptual work, Goserver saves you from having to repeatedly spend large budgets to renew your entire infrastructure. This way of working ensures that your IT always remains flexible and provides you with the innovative power that your company needs in today's competitive market environment.


We keep your IT up to date and ensure reliability

Like all technical systems, your IT infrastructure is subject to constant change.
Preventive maintenance controls these processes. This is the only way to achieve a particularly high failure safety, reliability and longevity of your IT. Goserver has been specializing in the maintenance and support of your IT infrastructure since 2001. We offer different support options for every company size and industry - also for your company!

Regular maintenance and proactive care of the IT operating environment
Preservation of functionality and reduction of the risk of failure
Identification of performance bottlenecks and obsolescence.
Flexible IT maintenance offers

Fast support for acute problems

We help quickly and competently with minor faults and major emergencies! Our helpdesk system, which is based on ITIL and has been fully developed for many years, supports you and our technicians in the comprehensible and targeted processing of your enquiries.
Helpful, friendly and competent.

Access to your PC/server by our trained technicians
Prompt and qualified solution for IT problems
Multilingual helpdesk in the EU area

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