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Regardless of which requirements have to be implemented. It is always the people and their skills that decide what success will be achieved after implementation. Buildings collapse after a few years, or remain intact for a long time and are of high value for generations. The fast pace of IT is even more subject to this truth, as new investments required too quickly after poor implementations overstretch budgets and, at worst, hinder agile company development. Therefore, build on those who know what they are doing - on us.

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Experience and expertise
in IT projects

Your project is in particularly good hands with Goserver. Our goal is reliable partnership through trust and competence.
Trust through personal appreciation, adherence to deadlines and transparency.
Competence through special employees who benefit from internal and external training concepts.

Analysis and planning by specially qualified project managers and IT consultants
Creation of customer-friendly and modern IT concepts
Transparency through documentation and communication

Expertise as a basis

What we know we do not do wrong

Let's not pretend that no one is smarter than we are. Constant progress is the goal and lets us do things better than those who are less consistent. We always try to learn as much as possible about new methods and professional contexts. For this purpose, we as a company invest over 1000 hours of training for our employees every year. The effect is significant for us in project management. This enables us to carry out projects faster, more trouble-free and with the best possible results.
Get an idea of this. Ask us about a project that is soon to be implemented at your company. We will be pleased to convince you with a customized preliminary planning.

An investment in knowledge still yields the best interest.
- Benjamin Franklin -
carrying books

Reliable cost calculations

Reliable partner

Due to our company history, we have grown homogeneously as a long-term, trustworthy partner for our customers. As an owner-managed company, we have never discarded this attitude, but remain true to ourselves. For us, trust and understanding in partnership form the basis for cooperation for both sides.


Transparent control services

We place the highest value on cost quotations that are as objective as possible - starting with your request for quotation. At the start of the project, a threshold value is defined together with you on the basis of this cost note, which warns all parties involved at an early stage as soon as this value is reached. By this procedure you will be informed as early as possible about additional expenses and the further measures will be reliably discussed with you.

Only in this way is it at all possible to control the implementation of optional project components from the client's point of view and to evaluate them economically at any time.
Of course, we keep records for all management services, which can be viewed in our customer area immediately after creation.

Clear communication

Feel well informed at all times

Already in our training trains, we teach our young technicians that customer communication, in addition to technical expertise, is the highest priority of our orders. Even the best technical implementation can cause displeasure if you are not informed about important things. This credo is lived by us.

In addition to the necessary human skills, we support our project managers with modern project tools. These provide them with suggestions for sensible milestones and ensure uninterrupted project progress.


We meet your requirements!

Project Live-Views

Insight in the middle of the project-at any time

In a unique system we provide you with live data from the first day of the project . You get insight into the time planning, the progress and contact your project contact persons directly.

You will see warnings when thresholds are reached and can be passively informed by the system as soon as a certain project progress has been reached or a milestone has been set for implementation. Monitor the completion of tasks or prepare for scheduled deadlines. Find all important documents related to the project in a centralized way and give feedback on the process from your point of view last.

Kunden-Portal Projekte Ansicht

Overview of your project

Know the current status at any time + cost control

All important information about the project can be found in an overview in our customer platform. Contact person, project progress, planned end date, current notes from the project management, which are of course also sent to you by e-mail. In addition, all time records for your projects are displayed live according to effort. Legal upper limits are displayed and warnings are issued as soon as threshold values are reached. This is the only way to keep full control projects, you retain full control over additional efforts.

Kunden-Portal Projekte Ansicht
Kunden-Portal Projekte Ansicht


Milestones and their scheduling are an important part of project execution. You can clearly identify project phases and milestones in ourand will also be informed if the project is paused for important reasons.

When will the project continue?

You have an overview of the scheduled project dates at all times. From this you can see which technician will carry out the appointment and whether this project assignment will be carried out remotely or at your site.

Display of the individual project tasks

Our project management works with a very structured schedule. You can view this live in our customer platform. How far has Goserver progressed with an individual task? Which topics are still offen until the completion of the project?

Display of the individual project tasks

Our project management works with a very structured schedule. You can view this live in our customer platform. How far has Goserver progressed with an individual task? Which topics are still offen until the completion of the project?

Kunden-Portal Projekte Ansicht