Cloud and site perimeter

Requirements for modern gateway systems

The challenges for modern firewall systems today are not just about blocking and allowing connection requests. Modern systems adapt to your requirements in the cloud or at your site with a wide range of functions. In addition to classic perimeter security, the topic of connectivity has moved significantly into the focus of requirements.

Strong partner

The manufacturer Barracuda recognized these challenges many years ago and has been constantly delivering innovative new developments in the area of security and connectivity since 2005. These innovations enable agile workplace concepts for your workforce. The consistent development of simple and at the same time secure solutions makes the CGF systems from Barracuda one of the strongest partners in the market environment.

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Mobile Connect

Flexible connection methods

The manufacturer Barracuda delivers particularly diverse options for connecting your mobile workforce. Map different requirements and ensure the best possible user experience on your company's resources and applications. Motivate your employees with the most advanced and convenient security solutions that optimally support their workflows. Solve these requirements elegantly and progressively, instead of compromising on security or convenience.

Barracuda develops innovative security products that are easy to buy, easy to deploy and easy to operate.
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On Premise & Cloud

Designed for flexible use

In addition to the classic on premise systems, products with high cloud affinity have been developed with foresight. In addition to the operation of completely cloud-based firewalls, Barracuda provides innovative security solutions with Cloud Gen Wan, Cloud Gen Access and special protection of in-house, hybrid or online e-mail positions.

For all areas

Email security, application security and connectivity management cannot be separated from the perimeter. Modern concepts require adaptability of your systems. Traditional vendors can hardly keep up and only those who think ahead from the beginning deliver solutions that adapt to your business.
Because it is your business that determines the concept - not the concept your business.

Premise Cloud
Traffic Intelligence

Traffic Intelligence

SD WAN developed since 2006 by Barracuda

24 ISP for a VPN tunnel
dynamic application-based provider selection
Hub & Spoke, Fully-Meshed or Dynamic Meshed
VPN - load balancing and transparent automated failover
Measurement of latency and available bandwidth
automatic selection of the transport route (per firewall rule)
QoS and traffic shaping
Traffic Mirroring

Operating concept

Simple to operate

Configure your appliances before you receive the hardware.
Simulate your ruleset and completely eliminate technical remote hands at the site.
The Barracuda CGF systems are all developed from a single source and use intelligent, object-oriented logic to easily and quickly check, distribute and even duplicate complex firewall rules.
Save time and money on implementations and operations with advanced maintenance strategies from Barracuda.
Support Promise

Support promise

European support center

The development of Barracuda Firewalls is based entirely in Austria. Support for Europe is also organized and provided from Insbruck. Time zones are covered by America and Ireland to meet worldwide SLAs.
Dial the support center at your time of day and a German-speaking firewall specialist will take time for your request.

Competent service

Where other manufacturers are cutting capacities or outsourcing to India, Barracuda is driving an exemplary support concept according to the motto "If you need help, you will be helped." No long waiting times in a hotline without expertise. Support is part of the product. With the multiple award-winning service, the manufacturer generates the highest level of satisfaction for all Barracuda customers.