Server and (Hyper) converged infrastructure

Dell has been in an exciting head-to-head race with HPE for dominance in the server market for years. Most recently, Dell was slightly ahead in the Gartner ranking. We have relied on the manufacturer since 2001 and see new innovations implemented with each new generation. The performance is of course significantly increased with each model series. Management functions for rollouts and maintenance optimizations are among the best the industry has to offer.
That's why, in our view, Dell servers are unsurpassed in usability, stability and performance. And if that's not enough, explore the energy efficiency of these systems and the possibilities to save money with new server generations by reducing power consumption.
Converged Infrastructures, server, switch and storage functionality in one chassis and with high scalability have been in our portfolio for years. This is topped by the so-called Hyper Converged Infrastructures, which go one step further in terms of manageability and scalability thanks to the implemented hypervisor. This means that branch offices, laboratories or production networks can be operated with compact structures that save costs in administration thanks to their ease of management, but do not lose anything in terms of reliability.

Dell Server

Generation 15

DDR4 coupled DDR3200: Reduce latency Utilize 6 memory channels for better core count matches, capacities and workload requirements Hot Plug surprise remove Support for ICE LAKE Intel CPUs (1.42x more cores & 2.66x memory capacity or AMD Rome and Milan CPUs New boot optimizations with Hot Plug BOSS-S2 Enhanced cooling flow design Direct liquid cooling by design

Best price in project

Goserver, as a long-term and extensively certified DELL partner, is able to guarantee you the best price for the desired DELL products. Register your project with us! We make the best conditions for your procurement. As a reliable procurement partner for you. And in case of delivery bottlenecks we use different sources of supply to keep your waiting time as short as possible. Our internal sales staff will always keep you informed about the supply of your goods.


Power Saving

Enjoy up to 40% more energy efficiency compared to previous server generations based on Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors.

Intel® Power Tuning Technology uses integrated sensors for better control of power consumption and heat dissipation in the system.

Intel® Intelligent Power Technology automatically regulates power consumption to provide not only increased energy efficiency, but also intelligent performance that adaptively adjusts to your computing loads.

Implementation / Migration

As a service specialist, we implement your servers into your environment on request. Installation, commissioning. Ready to run implementation of servers and HCI environments from the certified DELL partner Goserver. Or do you have a migration project for your file, database or mail server? We are also there for you. From planning to implementation. Goserver-we do it for you.