Social responsibility.
An integral part of our corporate structure

To ensure success and security in the future, Goserver sees civic engagement as the cornerstone of its corporate strategy and invests in the environment and society.

Social commitment as the highest corporate value

At the core of Goserver's corporate culture is a sense of social responsibility. The principles of our Corporate Social Responsibility therefore emphasize the promotion of the common good. We dedicate ourselves in particular to the promotion of health, education of young people and the environment. By supporting projects through donations and partnerships, we contribute to an ecologically and economically sustainable future. We also raise awareness of diversity and climate protection among our employees in the IT sector.


Fully committed to the improvement of our society

For over 15 years, Goserver has been donating to social associations and humanitarian organizations to promote initiatives for charitable causes:

SOS Kinderdorf e.V.

Goserver has been supporting children in SOS Children's Villages for many years

operated and financed by the network of over 130 SOS associations
helps around 60,000 children, young people and families worldwide
Supports over 2,700 SOS facilities in 134 countries
KIT München

In 2017, Goserver supported the Crisis Intervention Team with a four-digit sum.

supports victims, those affected and their relatives after extremely stressful life events
KIT-Munich employees perform all missions on a voluntary basis in their free time
emergency and psychological services around the clock, 365 days a year
Schulprojekt Burkina Faso

Goserver donated money for school feeding at Wend Raabo School.

Association "Wunschträume - Netzwerk für Mädchen und Frauenprojekte e.V." (Dreams for girls and women projects)
has been supporting a school in Burkina Faso near the capital Ouagadougou since 2003
Enables expansion of the school and a daily hot meal