DELL Storage Systems

Since the merge with EMC, DELL is the world's largest storage manufacturer with the broadest product portfolio. The storage systems from DELL convince through performance, functionality, robustness and the simple way to manage them. Enter the world of scalable and ultra-modern storage systems that meet every requirement.

Server PowerStore


PowerStore is designed to leverage next-generation innovations such as end-to-end NVMe3 and 2-port Intel Optane™ solid-state drives (SSDs) as storage class memory (SCM), delivering 7x more IOPS4 and 3x lower latency. PowerStore systems offer a guaranteed average data reduction of 4:1 any performance degradation.

PowerStore provides a single architecture for block, file, and VMware VVols and leverages the latest technologies.
From relational databases to ERP and EMR applications to cloud-native applications and file-based workloads such as content repositories and root directories.

Uncompromising NVME design all flash by nature
Consolidates block, vVols, and enterprise file storage formats to
Critical data protection. Proven 99.9999% availability
Scale-up and scale-out: easy plug-and-play expansion to over 18 PBe per cluster
Simplified operations with AI-based management and automation
All inclusive Software *Updates, No license for innovation updates
Integrated machine learning for continuous tuning of performance and efficiency
Guaranteed data reduction of at least 1:4 (!)
Winner of the Tech Innovator Awards 2021 (Storage - Midrange) from CRN


ME5 Powerstore

Dell PowerVault ME5-Storage

Simple. Fast. Affordable.

Optimized for SAN/DAS, PowerVault ME5 storage delivers the performance, capacity, and operational simplicity that price-conscious small to mid-sized businesses need. PowerVault ME5 supports many types of workloads, including HPC, databases, VDI, security, select edge use cases and more.

Dell PowerVault ME5-Storage
ME5 Powerstore

Dell Unity XT Unified Storage

Convincing storage for general workloads

Simplify your path to digital transformation with Dell Unity XT hybrid flash arrays. These storage systems are the ideal solution for running general purpose workloads that don't require the low latency and speed of all-flash/NVMe architectures.
With Unity XT hybrid flash arrays, you don't have to compromise on performance, efficiency, features, or results. These arrays offer high availability with dual-active controllers, simplicity with intuitive management, and affordability with an all-inclusive software model that makes Unity XT HFAs easy to acquire and own.


Best price in project

Goserver, as a long-term and extensively certified DELL partner, is able to guarantee you the best price for the desired DELL products. Register your project with us! We make the best conditions for your procurement. As a reliable procurement partner for you.
And in case of supply bottlenecks we use different sources of supply to keep your waiting time as short as possible. Our internal sales staff will always keep you informed about the supply of your goods.


Implementation / Migration

As a service specialist, we implement your servers into your environment on request. Installation, commissioning. Ready to run implementation of storage and networking structures from certified DELL partner Goserver.