Virtual Services

Benefits of virtualization

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Optimal use and flexible expansion of IT capacities
More performance and higher availability
Reduction of costs and energy consumption
Simplification of administration and maintenance
Reduction of operating costs

We consolidate your server hardware by up to 75%. This results in savings in back-end operating costs. For example, you reduce expenses in the power consumption and cooling capacity of your infrastructure. Fewer servers also generate fewer hardware support cases. Hardware independence enables longer runtimes for your installations.


Virtual systems can change hardware platforms, sometimes in a matter of minutes. Migration cycles are shortened and important installations can be made available again after the replacement of obsolete hardware. This significantly shortens the implementation of new services for you.


Fail-safe systems are often uneconomical for medium-sized companies using conventional means. Through virtualization in the cluster, we achieve a maximum of fail-safety for you in a cost-efficient way. Make yourself less dependent on possible hardware damage.

Performance improvement

Modern resource management delivers significant performance gains for your "line of business" applications through the use of powerful server components.

Platform independence

We use the platform that makes the most sense for you: VMWare or Hyper-V.