Future with IoT & Industry 4.0

Intelligent networking of product goods, machines and logistics

Fully making use of your digital products and logistic

Competent support with integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0

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 Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0
„ Industry 4.0 “ indicates the fourth industrial revolution and the networking of all the machinery, products and processes. That means that embedded systems and (semi-) autonomous machinery can move in and across the surroundings without any human control and make individual decisions. Available real-time information and the interconnection of production and logistics processes enable an even more efficient and flexible production.

Using self-optimization expenses can be saved, resource consumption can be regulated and production routes can be improved.


Internet of Things„Internet of Things“ (IoT) indicates the increasing networking of the real world with the virtual one. The use of digitized and interconnected products and devices provides a basis of new, intelligent services like Industry 4.0, Connected Car, eHealth, Smart Cities or Smart Home.
The automatic identification by RFID technology is often seen as the technical basis of Internet of Things, but barcodes and 2D code are able to identify objects as well.