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How does your IT service provider account?
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How is you IT service provider available for you?
Please answer the question.

Contact Persons:

Who is returning your calls when calling your IT service provider?
Please answer the question.

Transparency of services:

Do you know for which activities you are paying your IT service provider?
Please answer the question.

Execution of maintenance:

To what extent does your IT service provider execute maintenance services?
Please answer the question.

Range of services:

Does your IT service provider offer services and products beyond the regular maintenance?
Please answer the question.

Billing per time account. I have a fixed amount of hours per month and it is possible to transfer hours to future months. I only pay for services that were actually provided.


Beyond the regular core hours: Mo. – Fr. from 8 am to 6 pm.

Contact Persons

Generally, an IT expert who helps me along.

Transparency of services

I receive detailed activity reports for each work done.

Execution of maintenance

My service provider works preventively to avoid high costs for major system renewals.

Range of services

I can approach my IT service provider with all my demands concerning IT and furthermore with topics beyond, for example telephony.

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