Technical and preventive IT maintenance

Regular and proactive upkeep of the IT work environment

Preservation of operability and failure risk reduction

Identification of performance bottlenecks and systems that are too old

Reliable and competent customer care through our team of IT experts

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IT Maintenance We keep your IT up to date and ensure reliability
As any other technical system your IT is constantly subject to change. In order to control these processes, preventive maintenance is essential. This is the only way to realize maximum failure safety, reliability and persistence for your IT solutions. Goserver has always been specialized in maintenance. We offer different support options suited for every company size and sector – including your enterprise..

Cost certainty due to time accounts Customers are charged high maintenance lump sums by other providers- even if no maintenance was performed. Some not even provide evidence for executed activities. Goserver is different. Calculate your ongoing costs with a fixed time account.


Maximum transparency All activities performed for you by Goserver are recorded in detail and reviewed by advanced controlling methods containing the dual control principle. Our customer information system provides online access to service records, helpdesk, invoice overviews and scheduling for on-site appointments.


Conceptual thinking – complex for us, favorable for you Our ongoing conceptual work helps you save frequently necessary large budgets for the renewal of your whole infrastructure. These work methods keep your IT flexible and provide you the innovations that are essential nowadays.