Implementation of your cloud service as “private cloud” in a modern data center located in Munich

Guaranteed quick access, high data flow and high quality protection

Compliance with the strict guidelines of the German and Bavarian Privacy Policy

Multi-stage secured data center at the regional site

High available Private Cloud Services

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Cloud Solutions – streamline your in-house IT Goserver implements an individual cloud solution tailored to your specific needs and performs any maintenance and administration efforts for you. You are able to access all applications and services 24/7 from any location. Our cloud service facilitates work for your employees and offers you new opportunities of collaboration. The services are scalable, this means, additional resources can be leased if needed according to your degree of utilization. We jointly find a legally watertight solution for your business data with high security requirements (e.g. personal data) with your data protection supervisor.


Our data center located in Munich stands out its performance indicators

  • high availability and transmission bandwidth
  • independent access opportunities for authorized persons 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • uninterruptible power supply and emergency
  • state of the art climate control technology for the whole infrastructure
  • smoke suction alarm systems and N2 fluid (nitrogen ) extinguisher for  fire protection
  • room surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: access, temperature, humidity, sabotage
  • high-performance connection of the internet-peering-points and international internet-service-provider with over 10 Gbit/s