Advantages through Virtual Services

Optimal use and scalable expansion of your IT capacities

More performance and higher availability

Reduction of total cost of ownership and use of energy

Simplification of administrating and maintenance of your system

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Reduction of operating costs We consolidate your server hardware up to 75%. This results in savings of backend operating costs such as costs for power consumption and cooling capacity for your infrastructure.
Furthermore fewer servers generate less hardware support cases. The hardware independence ensures a longer runtime for your installation.


Flexibility Virtual systems are able to switch the hardware platform within minutes. This shortens migration cycles and important installations can be instantly restored after the renewal of outdated hardware. We thereby significantly reduce the time needed for the implementation of new services for you.

Availability Conventional fail safe systems are often uneconomic for medium-sized businesses. Cluster virtualization allows us to achieve a maximum failsafe security while staying cost-efficient. Get more independent from possible hardware damages.


Enhanced performance Modern resource management in combination with high-performance server components lead to significant performance improvements for your “line of business” applications.

Platform independence We utilize the most appropriate platform for you: VMWare or Hyper-V.