IT Procurement

Simple, Cheap, Reliable

We deliver stable and economically attractive conditions. Partners order their individual product range informally at best prices via our shopping cart system. 

And in all processes, customer service is our top priority. In doing so, we cushion problems between manufacturers and customers in a spirit of partnership and offer you added value through product advice and our far-reaching expertise.
IT Projects

I have already prepared something...

Why are we different from other project teams? Because we always try to do everything a little bit better. That's how we have been evolving for 20 years. Preventing mistakes we have already made, learning from our environment and adapting methods and techniques that fit into the relevant project topics. 
Special features: 
- Live views of our projects in our customer portal.
- Transparent implementations on directed projects from start to finish
- Clear communication on milestones and project progress
- Reliable cost calculations 
Zero Trust Network Access

App access instead of VPN access

With Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), secure access to internal applications for remote users is enabled through a set of technologies and features. ZTNA provides remote users with a seamless, secure connection to private applications without ever entering the network or exposing applications to the Internet.

Microsoft 365

Achieve more with Microsoft 365

Help every individual and entire teams succeed with reliable apps and solutions that let them connect, collaborate, and be productive virtually anywhere, every day.

Stop Cyber Attacks
From the endpoint & everywhere

Stop cyberattacks and threats:
On computers, mobile devices, servers, and in the cloud.

Learn more about Cybereason

Future-proof protection
Operational, not alarm centric
Stops attacks automatically, not manually
Our service

Goservers IT services at a glance

Goserver offers you a diverse portfolio of IT services and advises your company holistically on user-oriented IT infrastructure. Thanks to years of experience and strong vendor partners, Goserver is stablished as a broad system house that can provide you with a complete IT solution or recommend individual IT components to fit your existing IT system.

Our partners

Business partner with unique know-how

Goserver ensures excellent quality through efficient cooperation with certified partners. Learn more about the potential of our partnerships for your company!

One of Goserver's strengths that contributes significantly to the service we provide is the cooperation with certified partners of renowned companies. This successful cooperation guarantees the quality of your products and convinces with exclusive know-how in production. Our partnerships testify to concentrated
competence, combined with the expertise of the Goserver team. Thereby we ensure you the best possible IT service!

Customer locations

Satisfied customers at locations throughout Europe

Across all industries, our experts offer all-round support for projects from programming to installation and maintenance, as well as IT services directly at your site. Medium-sized companies throughout Europe already rely on our wide range of services, both in Germany and in Austria, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Switzerland, among others.

Support of numerous customers from different companies & industries
All-round project support and IT service at the site
Goserver relieves companies of IT challenges


IT security topics, infrastructure and new in the industry

E-Mail Security

Work Protected

As the top attack vector, email requires the strongest possible protection. Prevent even the most sophisticated attacks on your business and stay one step ahead of the threats with Mimecast Email Security.
Whether it's phishing, ransomware, social engineering, payment fraud or impersonation, we fend off the most dangerous attacks.

Please feel free to arrange an individual meeting to discuss the solution!


Security Awareness Training & Simulated Phishing Platform

Time and again, the headlines say that "cybercriminals have stolen large amounts of data". One reason for this is that employees are exposed to increasingly complex phishing and ransomware attacks. This makes it easier for criminals to access data in the enterprise.

With our new listed vendor KnowBe4, we enable you and your employees to recognize these cyber threats and make your company more secure through comprehensive security awareness training and simulated phishing.

KnowBe4 is the world's largest integrated platform for security awareness training in combination with simulated phishing attacks.

Feel free to contact us!


Cybereason - This is XDR

Security teams are understaffed, network complexity continues to increase, and the cost of a data breach is rising - #XDR offers the opportunity to reverse these trends.

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Your advantages with the IT system house Goserver

You are looking for intelligent and efficient IT solutions to get you started - Goserver is happy to offer you a free, no-obligation initial consultation, during which you can gain an insight into our broad portfolio of solutions. We vouch for customer satisfaction with competent and fast help in case of IT problems, for the optimal supply of IT products from certified manufacturer partners as well as excellent IT support.

Effective budget planning

Billing is done fairly by hourly account. Thanks to a fixed monthly hourly quota, you can carry over hours to later months. This means that you only pay for what our IT experts have actually done for you.

Top accessibility

The availability goes beyond the usual core hours. With our 24h support, you and your IT infrastructure are always well taken care of.

Experienced contact persons

At Goserver you can directly reach an IT specialist who will help you.

Transparent services

You will receive, without asking, detailed activity reports on every job performed and you will be able to convince yourself of the quality of our IT solutions at any time.

Carrying out maintenance

Goserver works preventively on an efficient IT concept for you to ensure the best IT security, avoid costs for major system renewals and make optimal use of resources.

Excellent range of services

You can contact Goserver for all IT matters, but also for issues beyond that, e.g. telephony.